Zumba B1 
FitSteps & FitSteps FAB 
Fitness Pilates
Postural Stability
Dementia and the Arts - University College London
Chair-Based Exercise - Community Fitness Network.

RAD/NATD grades - Modern, Tap & Ballet
A-Level Dance
BA Hons Dance Studies
Certificate of Education (Further Education)

Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate
Paediatric First Aid Certificate



If your medical condition has changed since you last completed a PARQ health form. please let me know and I’ll send you a new one.


✅ If you arrive early, please wait in your car, or socially distanced outside. I will admit you a few minutes before class.

✅ The window or doors will be open to provide some extra ventilation.

✅ There will be a one-way system in place for you to enter socially distanced. Please take your place as far forwards and fill up from there, backwards. Exit will be socially distanced, starting from the person nearest the exiting door.

✅ If you need the toilet, please go one at a time. If necessary, I will ask other class members to move, so we can maintain social distancing.

✅ Please wear a mask on entry and leaving all venues. You will need to remove the mask once you have set up, and are ready for exercise. When removing the mask, fold over itself inwards and place it in a plastic bag. Please replace your mask before you pack up, ready to leave. Please do not bring towels.

✅ Please sanitise your hands on entry, I will provide sanitiser, if you don’t have your own. The venue might provide sanitiser, too.

✅ Please bring a water bottle, and keep all your possessions close as possible.

✅ Please stand on the dot markers, which I will have put on the floor. These are measured 3m square apart.

✅ After class, please do not congregate at the venue. If you’d like to chat, pelase do so outside the venue in no more than six people.

✅ Payment and booking via GymCatch please. No cash. No ‘walk ups’.

See my Gymcatch page here.
Download the Gymcatch app here.

In the event of a future lockdown, any outstanding classes will be delivered by Zoom or by sending the recording.


A high temperature over 37.8c (feeling hot to touch on the chest and back).
A new continuous cough
A loss or change of smell or taste
If you are supposed to be self-isolating. 



In order to take part in any session, you will need to complete and return a ParQ Form. Click here to download.



Consult your GP if you have any concerns about starting any physical activity.

Warm up gradually and cool down afterwards.

Start slowly and build up gradually.

Stay adequately hydrated.

Wear appropriate clothing, including footwear.

Remember your body's reaction to physical activity is not totally predictable. Should you develop a condition that affects your ability to exercise, you must inform your instructor immediately, and stop exercising if necessary.

You take full responsibility for monitoring your own physical condition at all times. 



Anyone wishing to take part in this dance video must adhere to the following terms:

Anyone taking part, learning or dancing along with this dance video/clip/stream does so at their own risk. DanceFit with Emma does not accept any responsibility for each individual or group of individuals who may be watching, joining in or dancing along with this dance video/clip/stream.

In order to take part/learn/dance along with this dance video/clip/stream you must first make sure you are in good enough health/physical condition to be able to do so. If you are under doctor's orders, have an underlying health condition or have received medical advice that would normally preclude you from a physical activity (such as dance and/or dance fitness) you should not join in or dance along with this dance video/clip/stream.

You must also create a safe area in which to dance. You must make sure that the area is suitable for the type of exercise that is contained in the dance video/clip/stream you are about to watch. The area must be a flat surface, be clear of obstructions (such as tables, rugs, light fittings) be big enough and again suitable for the style of dance/ exercise you are about to take part in.

Wherever possible, pets should be kept out of the area for the duration of the video/clip/stream.

By watching this dance video/clip/stream you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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